Thursday, June 2, 2016

It is all a matter of scale - part zwei...

Based on the number of changes in the hobby world in the last year or so and now the return of an old classic in a slightly larger scale (8mm versus 6mm) - I thought it might be time for an update on an older article I posted:

It is all a matter of scale...

I added in the following scales to this current version:

1/600 or 3mm
1/120 or T Scale

I also added the "Scale Relationships" details at the bottom - to make the chart a bit handier as a reference.

You can download the updated chart above as a PDF or XLSX below:
It is all a matter of scale - PDF
It is all a matter of scale - XLSX

My ultimate rule for cross-scale hobby miniatures is this - if it looks right - go with it!!! 8^)

If you have any questions or comments or can think of any relevant additions - please drop me a line.

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